After Trump insults PM Theresa May, Brits call to ban his visit

After yet another sophomoric display from Trump on social media criticizing PM Theresa May, Brits are fed up.

Once again, our immature and inexperienced president has embarrassed America. This time by sending out several insulting tweets targeting Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May.

According to Martin Kettle, who recently penned a scathing op-Ed for The Guardian, "Trump’s overnight tweet is at once both trivial and epochal. '@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me,' Trump tweeted in the small hours. 'Focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!' On one level this was just another piece of late-night, extremist presidential scattergun. But on another it was a high-velocity bullet aimed unerringly at the cerebral cortex of the UK government’s international strategy."

But it seems the lawmakers and citizens of the UK have had quite enough, and many are even demanding that he be banned from visiting the country after his most recent twitter outburst.

As Kettle points out, "The tweets also make a Trump state visit to Britain inconceivable, now or at any other time. The original invitation was wholly premature and inappropriate. Even a few months ago it was clear that any Trump visit would trigger levels of protest that would destroy whatever dubious value the idea might have possessed in the first place. Now the case is far feebler than before. To allow a Trump visit now would be an endorsement of his racism. London will probably prefer to let the matter disappear. But the principled course would be to withdraw the invitation altogether."

Perhaps Trump has finally pushed the people of The United Kingdom too far with his bombastic behavior. Let's hope North Korea isn't next.

To learn more about Trump's deteriorating relationship with Great Britain and how they are responding, read "Britain should demand an apology from Trump and cancel his state visit" by Martin Kettle published by The Guardian on November 30, 2017 and watch the ATTN: video above.