A genius just trolled xenophobic bigot Tomi Lahren with her own genealogy report

Lahren hates poor immigrants who don't speak English. But her ancestors were... POOR IMMIGRANTS WHO DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH

Waste of oxygen/political commentator Tomi Lahren recently regurgitated some of Chief of Staff John Kelly’s anti-immigrant views with her own little twist. Lahren stated that she thinks poor people who don’t speak English shouldn’t be allowed to enter the U.S.

“You don’t just come into this country with low skills, low education, not understanding the language and come into our country because someone says it makes them feel nice. That’s not what this country is based on,” said the hateful dog-kicker last Saturday on Fox News. “These people need to understand that it’s a privilege to be an American and it’s a privilege that you work toward—it’s not a right.”

Fortunately for Lahren’s family, her views on non-English speaking poor people weren’t shared by the immigration officials that let her ancestors into the U.S.

Jennifer Mendelsohn, the German journalist and genealogist that created #resistancegenealogy, did some digging into Lahren’s family tree and discovered that she comes from poor German farming stock. Also, little Tomi’s great-great-great grandmother spoke German after 41 years stateside, and her great-great grandmother still didn’t know English after nearly a decade in the U.S.

It would seem that Miss Lahren’s low-skilled, low-educated family members came to America, made a better life for themselves, and made it possible for the nasty little journalist to achieve a net worth of 3 million dollars spewing her vileness and bigotry.

If you want a REAL laugh, check out Tomi's justification in the video below:

Read more about the sick burn, “Twitter user reveals Tomi Lahren’s genealogy after she criticizes immigrants” written by Tess Cagle posted by The Daily Dot on May 14, 2018

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