102 year old's feminist message: 'Men are by nature control freaks'

102 year old Greta does NOT hold back when she describes a typical woman's struggle. Men are '7-year-olds in trousers.'

An insightful 102 year old woman named Greta spoke to BBC News Tuesday with her timely message about women’s rights, “We’re not going back to being domestic servants,...no way Jose.” This woman has zero F*cks left to give a man.

Greta’s seen the world for women change around her, and still cites much room for improvement. Watch her describe the changes from WW1 until today in which she says women have to be twice as good as a man, then delightfully teases men in power as “control freaks,” and “seven year olds in long trousers.”

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Video uploaded to Facebook by BBC News.

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