Ever since Jan.20, 2017, I have been getting to a place that I never thought possible. I'm beginning to lose faith in America. I'm African-American, and a veteran, and because I have served, I feel great pain about this. Though this Great Nation of ours is far from perfect. I accept that. But it tries at least to strive to live up to those ideals, even if it falls short.Nevertheless it has always stood for the principles of Justice, Liberty, Freedom from Fear of Oppression because of race, religion. etc.

A few other items like sexual orientation are recent additions to this mix , however those same freedoms are implicit in the original intent of The Constitution, if not actually specified, and the Courts have ruled on this , and while implementation has been a trial in many areas of the country , I have always believed that ultimately justice would prevail. Unfortunately, there are those who want to re-define what justice is, and they are doing so according to their so-called religious beliefs.

Those same people represent the far-right, seem to trying to replace that with a gun-toting inquisition state, rallying around Donald J. Trump and his "hench-persons" The irony here is that , this guys is almost as immoral as one could get. But wait..."Jesus forgives' ,right? but if that is true, then why can't they forgive, say President Obama or Hillary Clinton,or ANY democrat , though as near as I can can figure they revile and hate them because they exist. They continually invoke the for fathers , but don't truly believe in what the in it.

What can we do about it? Frankly...I'm not sure. Keep voting and signing petitions and speaking out against injustice.One thing I am sure about, is that they cannot treat law abiding , liberal citizens as though they are irrelevant or worse, the free press as 'Enemies Of The State" They should take care, such a state then becomes an "Enemy Of The People". Once it does so it loses it's legitimacy and that's the last thing I or anyone should want.

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This. This is a good start. Break apathy: " Keep voting and signing petitions and speaking out against injustice."