Your Late Xmas Gift: the Chance to Laugh at Moore, Haley, Milo & More!

...Huckabee, Hatch and all the other clowns are included as well!

Hello, Resisters! I hope whatever holidays you celebrate and/or are at war with treated you well. Me, I got a stocking full of BAT SHIT.

Let’s starting diggin’ through it.

Everyone laughed at Albino Prune Orrin Hatch when he proudly accepted the prestigious “Utahn of the Year” award from the Salt Lake Tribune, because he only looked at the headline, while the article actually gave him the Wrinkly-Ass Power-Mad Jagoff We Wish Would Go Away Forever Award.

Devin “Pigfucker” Nunes is gathering a small but terrifying gang of Republican CongressFinks, sinister white mediocrities worthy of being cast as the bad guys in some shitty teenage soap drama, set in a prep school, starring the least popular member of a second-rate boy band.

They’ve swung by the Used Ideologies lot, and taken authoritarianism out for a test drive. They go on the teevee to call for the FBI to be “purged” of dissenters, because they don’t believe Democrats have the right to enforce laws when it’s Republicans doing the law-breaking. They’re insisting the Mueller investigation, which has already yielded the indictment of four high-ranking Trump officials, including two felony confessions, is a “witch hunt.”

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The Pigfucker himself is allegedly preparing a report on all the “corruption” in the FBI, where agents are allowed to serve without praying to a giant butter sculpture of Tangerine Idi Amin five times a day.

These Treasonweasels are, in short, all too happy to whack away at the fundamental pillars of American democracy, while they…

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