YOU'RE FIRED: That time Keith Richards got rid of Trump with the help of a knife

Maybe he can use this trick to save the rest of us, too.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards recently described an incident back in 1989 -- specifically how he found a way to ditch Donald Trump. Apparently, the rock-n-roll icon warned his promoter that he had to “get rid of this man,” before stabbing a table Now, Richards warns it is America’s turn to get rid of him.

To be clear, Richards did not pull the knife ON Trump, but he was angry enough to stab a table over the man's obnoxious behavior while demanding he be shit-canned immediately. .

Michael Cohl, the concert promoter, also recalled the incident. Trump turned up at a pay-per-view event in Atlantic City that was featuring the band, but they didn’t really want anything to do with him. “Keith pulls out his knife and slams it on the table and says, ‘What the hell do I have you for? Do I have to go over there and fire him myself?” Cohl recounts. “One of us is leaving the building--either him or us.”

In 2015, before Trump’s win, Richards mused about the man becoming president:

“Can you imagine President Trump? The worst nightmare.But we can’t say that. Because it could happen. This is one of the wonders of this country. Who would’ve thought Ronald Reagan could be president?”

Prophetic, indeed.

Read more about Richards’ ditching Trump, “Keith Richards Explains How He Got Rid Of Trump Nearly 30 Years Ago” written by Ed Mazza and posted by Huffington Post on May 15, 2018