Who LOVED Trump's ridiculous prescription drug speech? Big Pharma, that's who.

And this is yet another move that will screw over his own base. When will the winning stop?

Trump likes to pretend he cares about the plight of the average American, but in reality he could give a shit which is why he didn’t do anything about the price of prescription drugs like he promised. Repeatedly.

Trump made a huge promise when he was campaigning: to lower the price of prescription medications for Americans. It was something he said often, claiming the drug companies were “getting away with murder.” Yet, when it came down to it, just like everything else that drips from the man’s mouth, it was just another lie.

Big Pharma was the winner when Trump didn’t allow Medicare to negotiate prices, but instead focused on raising drug prices in other countries and cutting out the “middleman.” Some experts are concerned that the plan could actually lead to higher premiums and the elimination of rebates that save Americans hundreds of dollars per year.

To get a better idea of the effects of the plan, take a look at some of the headlines after the plan announcements:

Wall Street Journal: "Trump’s Plan to Cut Drug Prices Leaves Industry Relieved"

Associated Press: "President Trump’s Plan to Lower Drug Prices Spares Pharma Industry"

The Atlantic: "Big Pharma Gets a Big Win From Trump"

They go on and on and on. Once again, Trump has failed the American people.

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