White guys who were home-schooled by Christian conservatives keep killing people

Lack of prayer wasn’t the problem for these three mass murderers.

Just last week, a 29-year-old white male from Illinois shot up a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee killing four people. A motive has still not been identified, but it is likely that racism was a factor.

Last month, a 23-year-old white male from Texas terrorized the Austin community when he left bombs on people’s porches killing 2 men and injuring several other people. His motive for the bombings was race related.

And also last month, a 28-year-old white male from Wisconsin destroyed himself and an apartment building when he accidentally blew himself up in his homemade bomb lab that contained 13 jars of a highly explosive liquid. As white supremacist literature was found in the rubble of his apartment, it can be assumed that he had racist intentions for using those bombs.

Besides being homicidal, white, and racist, what else did these three terrorists have in common? They were all raised by conservative Christians and home-schooled.

The Waffle House shooter’s mother made the claim on Facebook that the decline of prayer in school was a direct correlation to the rise of school shootings which is why she was in such favor of home-schooling. Bit ironic, really.

The lack of prayer is hardly the problem when these “good Christian boys” are doing the killing, but it is possible the isolation from people that are different led to the racism. Pair that with an unstable nature and a youth group that teaches gun skills...well, it’s bound to have consequences.

There isn’t one sector of the population that is immune to violence. So, maybe instead of constantly pointing the fingers at “those others,” people should start looking for ways to deal with the issue instead of the place to drop the blame.

Read more the home-schooled mass murderers, “The Waffle House Shooter Was Homeschooled … and So Was the Austin Bomber, and That Bomb Maker in Wisconsin” written by Libby Anne posted by Love, Joy, Feminism on April 25, 2018.

I have looked and find find no political affiliation for most of these people. and home-schooled kids come from conservative christian homes.

Anyone saying liberals commit all these mass shootings know they are a liar none of these kids come from liberal house holds liberals dont go in to schools killing people its theses crazy conservative familys with kkk affiliation
Stop denying the truth

Lets leave homeschoolers out of this. I home-schooled my children and we are very liberal and we are atheists. This is a christian right issue.

LadyJayne, yes, all three were home schooled. It really made me wonder...it's easy to fact check.
"(CNN) Mark Anthony Conditt's family said they home-schooled him..." "Benjamin D. Morrow, 28, of Beaver Dam...was home-schooled" "Travis Reinking, was arrested April 23 after a manhunt.... He came from a Christian family and was home-schooled."