While Trump Circus distracted us, 37K eviction notices went out to nursing homes

The eviction letters have been sent to the elderly and disabled of Louisiana that may be losing Medicaid funds.

We reported on this story a couple of weeks ago, but now the notices have been officially sent out to elderly Louisiana residents due to a shortage of Medicaid funds.

According to a Louisiana Department of Health spokesman:

“They’ve left the (Office of Technology Services), been put on a truck and taken to the post office.”

Those living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities starting receiving notices as early as last Friday.

Due to an expiring sales tax, 37,000 elderly and disabled Louisianans may be losing their Medicaid coverage. In a recent Special Session the state House of Representatives failed to pass legislation to cover the $648 million dollar budget shortfall which has caused a crisis for the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

Governor John Bel Edwards has been very critical of lawmakers, tweeting “Republicans are coming to terms with the budget that they passed that makes deep cuts to healthcare services for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Tell your legislators to #FixtheCliff #lagov”

The Republicans are busy criticizing the decision to send out the eviction letters, calling it a “scare tactic.” While the Department of Health prepares for an influx of calls from panicked citizens.

Read more about the plight of Louisiana elderly, “Nursing home eviction warnings hit mail” written by Greg Hilburn and posted by The News Star on May 10, 2018.

Hey Liberal, I see you've already edited this so-called article at least once. My advice, re-read it. Again. Your propaganda might be more believable, not really, if it were, at least, articulate

KelliStone, is anything in the article untrue?

I think it is pretty articulate, and there are enough articles about this out there to prove it is NOT propaganda. What it is is a travesty.

Why dont you people quit with the damn scare tactics on people? If you look at the picture of the man holding the sign you will see the OLDER generation does know how to spell but that sign was written by someone that can NOT spell cause we all know the younger generation cant do anything , hell they eat Tide pods and snort condoms for Gods sake, dont be sucked into a bunch of damn lies!!!!!

Much as I hate the GOP it's necessary to stay with the truth - when you check with Snopes they say the following (but it isn't much better): The budget sent back to the House with a 27-10 Senate vote would shield nursing home residents from evictions and keep Louisiana’s safety-net hospitals from closure. But to keep things in balance, senators had to slash spending elsewhere.

The proposal would steeply cut state financing to public colleges, eliminate the food stamp program, close the veterans cemetery program, shutter parks and museums, shrink spending on the child welfare agency and scale back public safety programs. The TOPS program would cover only 70 percent of college tuition costs. (Snopes)