We asked you to describe Trump in one word. The thousands answered.

Trump in one word as described by the thousands of Internet users. Check the FINAL RESULTS of our silly poll.

Last November, we posted on Being Liberal Facebook page a question,that garnered several thousands Facebook comments in addition to a huge number of people who actually filled up the Google Apps form.

Donald J. Trump is an ASSHOLE, a DANGEROUS one.

Our poll, and millions of creative posts on social media beg a question:

Does the First Amendment give Americans a free pass to call even their president all kinds of names?

The BEST, tongue in the cheek answer was posted on Quora by Ellen Haroutunian, Doctor of Ministry from Trinity School for Ministry (2021)

"The First Amendment only gives permission to call a black president names. White presidents can lie, manipulate, cheat, scapegoat, obfuscate, and endanger with impunity. However, to name thosethings and to call him out on them is to disrespect the office. And, it's always #fakenews.

At least that's how it's being re-written."

SOURCE: Quora post

​Off course, we are fully aware that there is absolutely no value in the open polls published on the internet. Contrary to the current White House administration executing them all the time with all seriousness.
Here is a graph showing who answered our silly poll, you betcha the same question asked among the Trumpanzees would bring different results.