Want to fight Gun Violence? How? Learn from anti-abortion fanatics.

Pretty? NO! Efficient? YES! The tactics of one of the most despicable groups in America - the anti-abortion movement.

Yesterday we posted on our Facebook page the article "Show the body bags. Show the carnage. That'll change support for guns." It reached over 300k Facebook users, mostly the existing fans of our page, but we reached a large chunk of the audience who are not among our fans, which is good. We wanted to remind America what kind of imagery published by the media helped to undermine the support for all the wars in the past. We argued that we need the same today. In the most ironic commentary possible Facebook immediately censored and covered the thumbnail image illustrating our point.

Art by Jim Cooke

It is literally impossible to bring any new idea in the American anti-gun violence prevention public discourse. Google searches prove that we live in the ever repeating scenario of a horror remake of the iconic Groundhog Day movie starring Bill Murray.

Nardyne Jefferies holds an autopsy photo of her 16-year-old daughter, Brishell Jones, who was gunned down with an AK-47. Lexey Swall for The Trace.
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    Inspired by our friend and contributor Alice Anil I started researching the anti-abortionists tactics and results. When I thought that I've learned enough I bumped into an article written by Alex Pareene and published by Gawker in November 2015 titled The Gun Control Movement Needs Its Own Pro-Life Fanatics. read then by 131K people. It's a long read, covering everything what I wanted to say, and naively thought that it could be something new. We liberals, contrary to conservatives, do not want to follow other people's ideas, too many of us want to be our own prophets. Here I am - not pretending that my strong belief that we must "Show the body bags. Show the carnage. That'll change the public opinion" is new and original. I am following the lead - here are few excerpts from the 2015 manifesto by Alex Pareene. All we need is to read and follow.
    There is, I think, only one realistic way forward for advocates of stricter gun control, and it involves adopting the tactics of one of the most despicable groups in contemporary American politics: the anti-abortion movement.

On the same day of the 2015 mass school shootings at Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, President Barack Obama said, entirely accurately:

Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We’ve become numb to this.

It's painful, for many reasons to compare Barack Obama's immediate statement with the one delivered by Donald Trump following the latest gun carnage in America. Important to note - there was no mention of guns in President Trump's statement on Florida school shooting

The brutal truth is that unless we will change the public opinion about role of a gun in American culture we will, like Bill Murray in The Groundhog Day, be waking up just to listen in the news that somewhere in America, some children were massacred by a weapon of war in hands of a civilian who should never have any way to own it.

Anti-abortion activists revel in gore. It worked for them. It will work for the anti- guns violence movement.

​After all, the point of screaming at women outside a clinic isn’t to erect a legal barrier to abortion access, it’s to prevent that woman from getting an abortion, and to dissuade others from even considering it. It’s to prevent abortion from being considered a legitimate option. Aren’t there a couple thousand gun control activists out there passionate enough to want to stand outside gun shops and provoke confrontations with open-carry wingnuts?

A weapons expert and a trauma surgeon are using high-speed cameras to show the damage caused by a single M16 bullet to the human body.

Every weapon that a US Army soldier uses has the express purpose of killing human beings. That is what they are made for. The choice rifle for years has been some variant of what civilians are sold as an AR-15. Whether it was an M-4 or an M-16 matters little. The function is the same, and so is the purpose. These are not deer rifles. They are not target rifles. They are people killing rifles. Let’s stop pretending they’re not.
With this in mind, is anybody surprised that nearly every mass shooter in recent US history has used an AR-15 to commit their crime? And why wouldn’t they?

Excerpt from “Fuck you, I like guns.”
by an Army veteran. A female veteran, which "obviously," makes whatever she said invalid for all male ammosexuals stroking with their soft hands the rigid barrels of their AR-15s in the dark basements they inhabit. Fact is - most of them wouldn't qualify for any real military service.

It also means going all-in on gore. Just like they do. Because "All Lives Matter", right?

It also means going all-in on gore. It means waving gruesome photos of dead children in the faces of Republican legislators, gun store owners, and gun manufacturers. This is where the conservatives shine. Good liberals are too squeamish to look past the police tape. They worry that if they focus, up close and without flinching, on the goriest details of the carnage, it’ll glorify violence, or worse, inspire future killers. Maybe, but it’ll also scare the shit out of future killers’ mothers before they fill their houses with guns, to feel safe.

Victims of a shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017. David Becker—Getty Images

​Continue reading to learn more why the anti-abortionists tactics are so effective The Gun Control Movement Needs Its Own Pro-Life Fanatics written by Alex Pareene and published by Gawker on 10/06/15.