Trumpists are spreading fake news and MUST be stopped. Here is how this works...

This fake news story is performing 330.7 times better than average story on this Facebook page

An article reporting that the actor is calling to imprison Hillary Clinton is false.

Like a boomerang, a bogus story claiming that actor Morgan Freeman wants Hillary Clinton "in jail," is back.…

The story has been debunked many times, yet whenever a conservative page (we monitor hundreds of them) posts the story again, it over-performs "bigly." The Facebook page "Colorado For Donald Trump 2020" is among the pages that have been losing their influence over the last six months because of new Facebook policies -- policies that we support. It is one thing to present stories with ideological bias; it is quite another to obviously fabricate facts and spread fake news. We at Being Liberal don't claim to be bias free, but we continue to fight to keep our shared platform free from blatant lies.