Trumpcare FAILURE covers 9 million fewer Americans, but costs $33 billion MORE

Silver lining: it may be so terrible that it will force a single-payer system in the U.S.

A round of applause for the White House and the Republicans in Congress, please! Not only have they decreased the number of people covered by the Affordable Care Act by 6.4 million, they have also managed to raise the cost of the program by $33 billion per year! Amazing work, guys.

Oh, just to put a cherry on the sundae, they also inspired the market to raise premiums by 18%. Trump and the GOP are truly the gift that keeps giving.

They didn’t want to stop with purely monetary contributions either. Those good boys and girls in Washington also got rid of a few mandates, so insurance companies wouldn’t be held back by things like pre-existing conditions, free yearly physicals, or providing coverage for birth control. Aren’t we just the luckiest citizens in the world?!?

Even David Anderson, a health insurance expert, was singing their praises while he discussed the awesomeness of expanding short-term policies from 3-months to 12-month periods. According to Anderson, short-term policies are great for young healthy people that don’t really have to worry about getting sick, I mean what are the chances they would get hit by a bus or something?!? Then, all those sickies can stay in their own super-sick and expensive bracket! Wins for everyone.

Also, these changes will continue to sabotage and undermine the state of health coverage in the U.S. for years to come. How thoughtful of them, looking out for future Americans that may not even be born yet! You guys, you shouldn’t have!

Read more about the Trumpcare fail, “The stupidity of Trumpcare: Government will spend $33 billion more to cover 8.9 million fewer Americans, as premiums soar“ written by Michael Hiltzik and posted by LA Times on February 26, 2018.