Trump sold spots to donors, names to be scrolling during SOTU address

This might be the sleaziest used boat salesman maneuver on his part yet.

Just slice up the Constitution and sell off little bits of it why don’t you Mr. Trump? You’ve figured out how to defile everything classic about the Presidency, and The State of the Union Address is just your latest faux gold abomination. Today while you participate in a grand tradition dating back to 1790, of course you will use it for personal financial gain. Just like the tacky condos you put up in NYC, blocking everyone’s view, you’ll be scrolling the names of people who paid you money, attempting to block our view of your unpopularity with a wall of paid admirers.

In today’s episode of Profiteering from the Presidency, part of a larger series called Emoluments for Dummies, Trump is selling off time shares in his speech. Yes, step right up because, for a price, anyone can get their shiny name on a big big screen during the State of the Uniom (that’s how we spell it now in glorious Trumplandia.)

Trump says this is for the little people, but of course this isn’t a free raffle. For a donation to Trump of at least $35, and not more than the legal limit of $2700 (wink wink, no one’s paying attention) you too can maybe possibly get your name on screen during Trump’s fancy State of the Uniom speech tonite!

Can this even be legal? Can someone sign up as Big Gay Al? Stormy Daniels? What about a Vlad Putin? I don’t see any disclaimer about trolling.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Read more here: “Names of campaign donors to be flashed during live stream of Trump’s State of the Union speech” by Jon Wagner for the Washington Post, January 29, 2018.