Trump’s unpopularity could cost Republicans 14 seats in California

The Golden State is disenchanted with everything from the tax bill to Trump’s stance on immigration and climate change.

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Trump’s extreme unpopularity is a “growing political problem for…

The president’s “immigration policies are [also] widely unpopular,” says Seib, especially as California is home to a “large population of Hispanics and Asian-Americans.” Currently, San Francisco is reportedly “suing the administration over its attempt to cut federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities, which decline to help federal authorities find and deport illegal immigrants.” And that’s not all - adding fuel to the fire is “the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accords, and his tendency to dismiss fears of global warming.” “Some of the country’s most environmentally attuned citizens” live in California,” says Seib.