Trump's strategy to boost low ratings: take credit for Obama's economy

To boost Trump’s poll numbers, White House officials will credit Trump for economic growth trends started by Obama.

According to Politico, the White House will seek “to boost President Donald Trump’s low approval ratings,” by co-opting economic growth “built on the legacy of former President Barack Obama.” “The Trump Administration has been riding trends like “declining unemployment,” and “healthy gains in the stock market,” that “began during Obama’s first term,” says Politico, and has recently encouraged “business confidence” with “sweeping tax cuts as well as a “push to roll back regulations on everything from energy to housing to health care to labor rules.”

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White House officials intend to center their rebranding exercise on framing Trump as “the real estate developer-turned-president [who] knows how to boost the economy better than any politician with more traditional government experience,” says Politico. “The hard economic data on growth, job creation and wages,” they intend to use however, looks “very similar to he last several years under Obama.”

In fact, says Politico, “the pace of job growth actually slowed slightly to 174,000 per month in 2017 through November, compared with 187,000 per month in Obama’s final year.” Stock market performance under Trump is also “similar to or trails Obama’s,” says Politico, but the White House intends to “sell a message that the nation is actually performing much better now, even before any impact from the tax cut bill.”

In fact, Trump said in a speech delivered on December 13th and billed as his closing argument for tax reform:

“Today we stand on the verge of a new economic miracle. Our economy has already surged to 3 percent growth — far ahead of schedule, by the way — far, far ahead — in each of the last two quarters.”

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To find out more about the new "strategy," read “Trump builds his 2018 political message by rebranding Obama’s economic legacy,” written by Ben White and Nancy Cook, and published by Politico on December 28, 2017