Trump's Pardoned Filmmaker Retweets Racist and Anti-Semitic Hashtags

Recently pardoned D'Souza refuses to apologize for retweeting #burnthejews, instead blames left for making it a big deal

The right-wing conservative filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, that was recently pardoned by Trump retweeted posts on Twitter that contained the hashtags #burntheJews and #bringbackslavery.

D’Souza was sentenced to five years probation and eight months in a halfway house after he pled guilty to the federal charge of making illegal campaign contributions. That sentencing was apparently considered too harsh by Trump, and he gave D’Souza a pardon in May. Trump tweeted “he was treated very unfairly by our government,” when he announced his decision to pardon on Twitter.

In the past, D’Souza has received harsh criticism for mocking the teen victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting where 19 students and faculty were killed.

So it isn’t all that surprising that the he is now involved in a controversy over racist and anti-semitic statements on Twitter. This past weekend, he retweeted messages promoting his film, Death of a Nation, and claims he did not notice the accompanying hashtag #burnthejews. “I did not see the hashtag,” D’souza says, but Twitter users (and literally everyone not wearing a #MAGA hat) weren’t buying it.

But let’s say we give D’Souza the benefit of the doubt, right? Let’s say he didn’t see the abhorrent hashtag. One would assume, after kicking up a Twitter shitstorm, he would be extremely vigilant about what was retweeted, meticulously checking the hashtags so as not to make the same mistake again. Alas, D’Souza was not so vigilant.

Shortly after the first offense, the filmmaker found another message about his film to retweet, this one also contained the vile hashtag #bringbackslavery. Again, D’Souza refused to apologize for spreading hate and racism on the internet, instead he doubled down and blamed the “sleazy unscrupulous” left for making “a story out of an accidental retweet.”

And this is the guy that Trump felt deserved a presidential pardon.

Read more about the posts, “DINESH D'SOUZA, FILMMAKER PARDONED BY TRUMP, SHARES TWEETS WITH HASHTAG #BURNTHEJEWS written by Harriet Sinclair and posted by Newsweek on July 1, 2018