Trump reportedly urged O'Keefe to steal Obama's sealed college records

In other words, Trump allegedly urged James O'Keefe to commit a crime.

When even The Daily Caller, Trump sycophants, are reporting semi fairly on Trump encouraging someone to commit a crime, you know it's an utterly unspinnable story, but the alt-right keyboard warriors are certainly trying.

O'Keefe is a convicted conservative operative who uses fake documents to infiltrate groups and sketchy editing to defame people , and Trump has donated bigly to his Project Veritas. O'Keefe has a new book coming out Monday, and the Daily Caller got an advanced copy.

They published quotes in which O'Keefe reveals that in 2013 Trump encouraged him to go after Obama's sealed documents at Columbia University.

O'Keefe says he didn't think Trump believed Obama wasn't born in America, but believed he cheated to get into College. “Nobody else can get this information,” Trump told O’Keefe. “Do you think you could get inside Columbia?” O'Keefe declined the project and said, “At the end of our discussion, Trump shook my hand, encouraged me to keep up the good work, and half-whispered, ‘Do Columbia.'”

Did Trump ask O'Keefe to commit a crime? Alt-Right Twitter was all a-buzz Friday trying to spin this damning information from a Trump loyalist. As per normal they attack the truth from a myriad of angles to confuse their followers, muddy the waters, and protect their 'Dear Leader.' O'Keefe himself was Tweeting feverishly that the mainstream media was misquoting him, despite the fact that the quotes originated with a consistently pro Trump rag. Of course he also encouraged people to buy his book to get the real scoop.

Was Trump even a birther? Mike "date rape isn't real" Cernovich pushed a collection of tweets saying Hillary Clinton started the birther movement, and that Trump never thought Obama was born overseas. Cernovich himself Tweeted "Obama was born in the USA. He lied about his background to get scholarship money..." This despite the numerous occasions, over the course of 8 years, in which Trump pushed for Obama to release his birth certificate, and called the released document a fake.

The end goal with these Pepe Toads is always the same, make a few bucks for themselves promoting crap books and vitamin supplements, support the Orange Dictator, and continually assault known truth and known facts to create a fog of confusion and mistrust.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more by reading "Trump Allegedly Asked O’Keefe To Get Obama’s Sealed Columbia Records" written by Amber Athey and published by Daily Caller on January 11, 2018.