Trump reportedly paid pornstar $130K to keep her quiet during election

Pornstars, payouts and Christianity: Trump’s hypocritical sex life.

I don’t care if two, three or twenty consenting adults have sex. I don’t care if you date a porn star, or become a porn star. Use protection, ask for consent, don’t lie, and for God’s sake don’t pretend to be a Christian. That being said, Trump is a lying hypocritical child, so let’s take a moment to examine the latest shady lies and big payout in his dirtbag sex life.

This Friday an old story is bubbling with fresh new info. Way back in 2006 at Lake Tahoe, a favorite getaway of fun sporty free loving West Coasters, a married Donald J. Trump chased porn star Stormy Daniels around a hotel room in his tightly-Whities. Stormy told the story of their affair to quite a few friends and was about to tell her story on Good Morning America. She was in talks to tell it to The Daily Beast too, and abruptly backed out five days before the election.

Seems she had $130,000 reasons to chill out, delivered by Trump’s personal lawyer Cohen aka ‘Mr Fix-it.’ This went down one month before the 2016 election. Cohen and Stormy both deny the affair, but on her Friday night show, Rachael Maddow pointed out ambiguity in their denials.

The Daily Beast had three other sources for Stormy’s story, the Wall Street Journal is tracking down the money transfer, and another adult film star, Jessica Drake, has come forward . Drake says Trump kissed her and two other women without permission in a hotel in 2006 after the same event Stormy met Trump at.

I wouldn’t give a shithole about this if Mr. Trump didn’t claim to be a Christian, and didn’t send a bully lawyer with sacks of money to go silence women who had the bad judgement to touch his pee-wee.

Submitted by Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

Find out more by reading "Trump lawyer allegedly paid porn star $130G in hush money to keep affair with President under wraps" written by Denis Slattery and published by NY Daily News on January 12, 2018.