Trump quietly signed an Executive Order allowing gov't to fund religious groups

From a porn-star’s bed to the pulpit. Trump talks about the power of God and then craps all over the Constitution.

Ever the charlatan, Trump used the National Day of Prayer to pretend he is a pious Christian and signed an executive order that allows federal agencies to work with and fund religious organizations. He claimed the move was to “ensure that faith-based organizations have equal access to government funding” because “faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God.”

Gag me with a wooden spoon.

The new order will require every agency to staff a "Faith and Opportunity Office" that will answer to Jeff Sessions and his religious liberty guidelines.

Rachel Laser of Americans United for Separation of Church and State says the order is just another of Trump’s attempts to “redefine religious freedom to mean the freedom to discriminate against those who do not share your religious beliefs.”

Mmm...maybe, but it is hard to imagine Trump actually has any long-term plans for well, anything. Perhaps, Mike Pence has the desecration of Freedom of Religion on his to-do list, but it is more likely Trump just likes to listen to the Evangelicals applaud him.

Oh, and Trump did get his applause, in fact, the Evangelicals were practically orgasmic claiming that Trump “delivered on his promises to the faith community” and that he has “significantly advanced religious freedom.”

If by advancing religious freedom the Evangelicals mean moving us one step closer to becoming a real world Gilead...then yes, religious freedom has been advanced. Thanks, Trump.

Read more, “Religious Right Cheers Trump Push For Federal Agencies To Fund Religious Groups“ written by Peter Montgomery posted by Right Wing Watch on May 3, 2018.

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Make America Worse Again

This is how the Seed's got all that money in Far Cry 5 I guess.

I don't have a problem with the federal government helping places of worship or religious organizations to provide community outreaches like soup kitchens, food pantries, medical clinics, clothing pantries, afterschool programs, tutoring, and the like. I don't even mind if the religious organizations share their faith, as long as listening to a religious pitch isn't required to receive the services.

My possible issues: will this federal money be available to any and all legitimate faith-based services? Will a Muslim clothing bank receive as much support as a Christian food pantry? Worse, will the people in the federal government try to force the receivers of federal funds to conform to the federal officials' religious beliefs?

I'm also concerned that this administration will withhold funds from institutions that protest against Trump and reward those who got their congregations to vote for Trump. This would violate Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

Separation of church and state is paramount. I am doubtful that religious agencies of 'other' faiths, e.g., muslim would be given the same treatment as christianity.