Trump may have finally met his match in Stormy Daniels

Money-laundering, election interference, collusion. All could take Trump down, but it might be a porn star who does it.

It would be a fitting ending to the greatest villain story of all time, that Trump might find his Katniss Everdeen to be…

I started to become really enamored with Ms. Clifford when I saw her respond to a MAGA troll last week with a killer Burn. He told her she’s too old and she responded by telling him she’s excited to make some grandma porn. When I learned Friday that Ms. Clifford has been maintaining her sense of humor even while enduring physical threats, and not just random internet trolls, I’m even more enamored with her bravery. "My client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump," Michael Avenatti told CNN's Chris Cuomo. He later told Jake Tapper that when people hear Stormy relate “very specific details” they will agree "that this was not a random threat by some wing nut ... out of the blue.”