Trump just signed an executive order that DRASTICALLY affects social safety nets

His own voters will likely be hurt the most.

The man who dipped his grifted Trump Tower in gold, and made his fortune with Daddies money and Daddies safety nets, now seeks to take away the American safety nets for the poor. The very programs put in place after the mass starvation and social upheaval of the Great Depression, are being ripped up by the same oligarchs who just handed themselves a trillion dollar tax windfall.

While most recipients of social services are people who can’t actually work full time or in some cases can’t work at all, such as the elderly, disabled, and families with small children, Trump is targeting them with mandatory work requirements. Trump wrote a new Executive order meant to drum up support in Congress to cut cut cut those lazy ungrateful poor off the programs that they dare to need.

This was Paul Ryan’s life goal after all, and the Ayn Rand Bro can’t go out without some high fives. So Trump is calling on the Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development (cough Ben Carson’s $31k table cough) Agriculture and other agencies across the federal government to make aid available only to people who are working.

The corporate oligarchs appointed to these agencies are only happy to oblige, but they will have to get the measures through congress. Democrats are pointing out that the language in Trump’s Executive order seeks to create hatred towards the poor.

“This executive order perpetuates false and racist stereotypes about certain groups supposedly taking advantage of government assistance,” House Democrat Stony Hoyer and Barbar Lee said in a joint statement.

Indeed this false stereotyping of the ‘Welfare Queen’ a person of color having babies just to collect more and more aid has been one of the key ways the GOP gets its own base, the rural white folks who receive more benefits than any other group, to consistently vote against their own interests.

Along with the racism, just throw in some Jesus for good measure, and act like his whole Story Myth wasn’t actually about feeding the poor. image by Ola Betiku

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more on the Republican Party's determination to torment poor people out of existence read, "Trump order targets wide swath of public assistance programs" written by for The Hill on April 14, 2018.