Trump just hired a former 'Fox and Friends' host for vital WH position

Trump filled the under secretary of public affairs position with the not-at-all qualified ex-Fox anchor, Heather Nauert.

In another White House shake-up this week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired via Twitter, and Steve Goldstein, the under secretary of public affairs, was fired for saying that Tillerson was fired by Twitter. The White House claims that Tillerson was notified by the Chief of Staff that his services would no longer be needed, but Goldstein made a statement that Tillerson didn’t know he was canned until reading a Trump Tweet on Tuesday morning.

Goldstein had only been in his position since December, but is now being replaced by a former "Fox and Friends" co-host, Heather Nauert.

The appointment has been confirmed by the White House with the statement, “Heather is the only one at State we trust.”

Everyone know that Trump loves Fox and Friends. He follows the anchors on twitter, and he generally does most of his tweeting during the shows airtime. He even pardoned a Navy sailor after seeing his plea for an appeal on the show.

Nauert has absolutely no diplomatic experience. Prior to working for the State Department, her career including being an anchor at Fox and Friends and being an affiliate for New York Fox 5. She showed this lack of experience when asked about how the department was working to end violence in Syria when she responded, “I don’t know what some of you expect us to do.

Read more about the appointment: “Trump installs former ‘Fox and Friends’ host as under secretary of state“ written by Luke Barnes published by Think Progress posted on March 13, 2018.

Source of the "trust" statement, Jonathan Swan at Axios: https://twitter.com/jonathanvswan/status/973655353056550913