Trump demands support for Chinese phone-maker after China approves his project

A new Chinese-backed resort will be a Trump property, and now SUDDENLY Trump wants to help save a Chinese phone company.

According to Trump’s Sunday morning Tweet, he is suddenly concerned about the unemployment rates in China, “ President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. Too many jobs in China lost.

The Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!” Interesting turn of events. Could it possible have anything to do with the fact that the Chinese government just decided to put nearly a half billion dollars into a project in Indonesia that Trump stands to make a pretty penny on?

Trump didn’t make any mention of a theme park resort being built in Jakarta with a billion dollars worth of Chinese money. A theme park that will be licensing the Trump name for its hotels and golf course, and since Trump has failed to fully divest from his family business, get the idea.

“You do a good deal for him, he does a good deal for you,” commented Richard Painter, a former ethics lawyer under W. “This appears to be yet another violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution.”

Emoluments clause aside, the U.S. military and intelligence community has already decided the ZTE phones are a security risk, and they have been banned on military bases. Not to mention the fact that the company was fined over a billion dollars last year for violating U.S. sanctions against Iran and North Korea, and just last month the company was banned from purchasing U.S, components for seven years which led to the company shut down.

Now hot on the heels of this new project in Indonesia, Donald “China is stealing our jobs” Trump is so concerned about the unemployment rate in China and the failure of a Chinese phone company that he is telling our commerce department to “get it done.”

Robert Weissman, president of an open government advocacy group may just know the reason for Trump’s sudden change of heart.

“The Chinese government seems to have figured out a way to manipulate President Trump,” he said, “It’s exactly why this anti-bribery clause of the Constitution is common sense.”

Read more about the shady deal, “Trump Orders Help For Chinese Phone-Maker After China Approves Money For Trump Project” written by S.V. Date and posted by Huffington Post on May 14, 2018