Trump cited climate change on application for golf resort seawall

Trump, a climate change denier, used “global warming and rising seas” among the reasons he needs permission to build it.

Irish authorities have given President Trump permission to build a seawall at his golf course in Doonbeg, west Ireland, reports CNBC. The president reportedly submitted the application to erect two sea barriers after his coastal golf resort suffered erosion due to “thirty-meter waves and driving rain.” In the original application, Trump who has since denied the effects of global climate change “cited global warming and rising seas as a reason for needing the wall.”

Trump’s initial “quick fix solution” to the receding coastline around his golf resort was to dump “tons of rocks on the site,” says CNBC. This decision brought him “head-to-head with local authorities who served him with an enforcement notice.” Bombarded by more than one environmental issue, in his pursuit of one day hosting the Irish Open at the Trump International Golf Links Doonbeg, the president has also “had to deal with plans to build wind turbines in close proximity and an endangered microscopic snail that needs preservation and constant surveillance.”

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While continuing to deny the existence of climate change, Trump has found himself in sinking sand in yet another of his European golf courses. Ecologists in Scotland have raised red flags, claiming that the president’s $1.3 billion dollar development there, puts the “conservation protection status” of the sand dunes at risk. 

In fact, Trump was mocking the validity of climate change earlier today on Twitter! Because of course he doesn’t care unless it affects his personal bottom line.

To find out more, read "Trump gets permission to build seawall at Irish golf course," by David Reid and Matt Clinch, and published by CNBC on December 22nd, 2017