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Trump abusing pardon powers to send a message: His supporters are above the law

Trump is handing out pardons, but not to the poor, downtrodden or wrongly imprisoned. That would actually be ethical.

To discuss the very serious issue of prison reform, the U.S. president invited a reality TV star to the Oval Office for a sit down. Kim Kardashian, wife of rapper Kanye West and star of her own homemade porn video, chatted with Donald Trump, a reality T.V. star accused of sexually assaulting 16 different women, about the White House issuing a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson is a 63-year-old woman sentenced to life without parole for selling cocaine, her first drug offense. She has already served 21 years in prison for her nonviolent crime.

The two reality T.V. stars appeared to get on famously, even posing for a cute photo which the Trumpster shared on Twitter. However, Kardashian wasn’t as successful as one might think. The Oval Office did issue a pardon, but instead of releasing the great-grandmother who has already served 21 years for her non-violent crime, Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza.

D’Souza is a conservative, Trump supporter that was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions. His sentence included 8-months in a halfway house, five years probation, and some fines. Tough stuff.

Trump has also floated the idea of pardoning Martha Stewart, who spent a few months behind bars in 2004 for insider trading.

So, why the chat with Kardashian if he had no intention of considering Ms. Johnson’s case? Probably because he wanted the photo with Kim. Trump likes famous people.

The president’s power to pardon is basically unfettered, but no other presidents have seen fit to use it the way Trump has.

According to Mary Price, a counsel for FAMM.

“I don’t want to pretend to look into the heart of Donald Trump. I don’t know what is there. The best use of a pardon or commutation as the founders laid out is to temper justice with mercy. The best use of the power is when it is used to send a message to the system."

Critics think Trump is sending a message, but the message isn’t for the “system.” The message is intended for his associates that are finding themselves on the wrong side of the Mueller investigation because the celebrity that Trump likes the best, is himself.

Read more about how to get a pardon, “The Formula for a Trump Pardon: Reward Celebrity and Punish Thy Enemies written by Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, and Sam Stein and posted by Daily Beast on May 31, 2018

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