Tremendously busy President Trump runs to poor Tomi Lahren's defense on Twitter

Because he doesn’t have a country to run or anything...

Everyone send your thoughts and prayers because the super nice and always classy xenophobic loudmouth lunatic Tomi Lahren had a drink thrown on her in Minnesota. And since our president obviously doesn’t have any other pressing matters on his mind, he took the opportunity to rally for the victimized Fox News correspondent after she endured the brutal liquid attack.

Trump tweeted:

The harrowing incident took place in Minneapolis where a woman threw her drink on the poor misunderstood Lahren. It was such a tragedy that Trump felt the need to lend his support via Twitter.

Lahren relived the shocking event on Fox.

Read more about the Minnesota attack, “Trump defends Tomi Lahren after a woman threw a drink at her in Minnesota written by Mandy Mayfield posted by Washington Examiner on May 23, 2018