Tomi Lahren's yoga pants pistol selfie is why we need gun safety laws

I would ask what she was thinking, but I don't want to get a headache.

Tomi Lahren, the chemically burned blonde who keeps Fox viewers tuning in for her ‘bikini clad angry yelling show,’ has outdone herself. In an effort to trigger libs during the March For Our Lives protest advocating for gun law reform, Tomi (Toni, Tammy, Theresa) posted an Instagram photo in which she stuck a gun down her specially designed weapon toting yoga pants. She deservedly got owned, but, surprise, some gun owners joined in to dump on her.

The pose was a typical Tomi attempt to piss off liberals, but had an unexpected backlash from the very people who she considers fans. Carrying a pistol is dangerous, and smart gun owners know this. No one in their right mind would carry a pistol in their yoga pants, no matter how specially designed they are.

Even the most basic pistol class will teach you not to depend on the safety feature when handling a loaded weapon, and anyone who has handled a gun knows how failable the built-in safety features actually are. That’s why those who choose to carry, despite the statistics showing the danger of violent conflicts increase when you carry, do so with specially designed holsters.

I seriously have no idea what this yoga pant company @alexoathletica is thinking. A close examination shows the gun slot is just a stretchy pocket. It’s not secure, there’s no loop, the gun doesn’t even go all the way into the pocket. Who owns yoga pants and knows what happens to the elastic after some use? It gets loose. Should be interesting to see what happens when guns fall out of someone’s pants in a yoga class and misfire.

This is a supremely bad idea, no matter where you stand on guns. Get a holster. Even then there are misfires.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, “Tomi Lahren posts selfie with pistol packed into her yoga pants, gets hilariously roasted” by Martin Cizmar for Raw Story on March 24, 2018.