This is what the WV teacher strike is REALLY about. It's NOT money.

The West Virginia strike isn’t about money, and don’t let people trick you into thinking that it is.

West Virginia teachers aren’t afraid. Here’s a group that isn’t even legally allowed to strike, but that didn’t scare…

The teachers, 75% of which are women, have been fired up by the Women’s March, taking to the streets with joyous joking signs, sporting animal costumes and confronting energy industry Oligarchs who rule the state. Women have always been woven into the history of the West Virginia labor victories, most notably the coal minor uprisings of the 1920s when female hero’s like Mary Harris Jones, known as ‘Mother,’ and the ‘Minors angel,’ are legendary. Today the teachers wear red bandanas to honor the history of coal miners and are joined by students, minors, bus drivers, and service workers.