This GOP Rep suggested IMPEACHING Obama if he moved on Syria without Congress

I wonder what the difference is?

“I think he’s breaking the law if he strikes without congressional approval,’ Republican Representative Duncan Hunter spoke about the abuse of Executive power in bombing Syria. Wow!

A Republican is speaking truth, even if he was investigated for misusing campaign funds. He even said such action is an impeachable offense. Problem is, that’s a quote from 2013, when Obama wanted enforce the red line against use of chemical weapons. Now when Trump does it without Congress approving, the GOP is all in. Anyone surprised? Anyone? Crickets?

Just a little stroll down memory lane for some highlights of Republican hypocrisy. Remember the Obama golf trip outrage? The great tan suit incident? Michelle’s bare arms? Her trip to Europe? Obama’s kids acting bored? Clinton’s Blowy? The numerous pro-family pro-lifers who have affairs and abortions? The GOP’s anti bombing stance directed at Obama in 2013 but not directed at trump in 2018 makes sense right? In 2013 Rep Hunter even went further saying “if he (Obama) proceeds without Congress providing that authority, it should be considered an impeachable offense.” So umm…. Are we now hearing anyone in the GOP use such strong language?

Hardly. Current GOP critiques of Trump’s authority to bomb are nonexistent or toothless. "Well ummmm, we totally need to enforce the ban on chemical weapons, and Trump, like, totally has authority to do that, but ummmm what’s, like, the overall plan? LOVE U MAGA Forever!"

Nowhere near the forceful language and outrage directed at Obama. Republican hypocrisy is the unending font of frustrating amusement.

Remember the tan suit, my friends. Always remember the tan suit. Oh, and the bare arms. THE HUMANITY.

Meanwhile, Trump can raw dog a porn star while is wife is preggo and it's all A-OK.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Hunter: Obama inviting impeachment if he strikes Syria without Congress" written by Stephen Dinan for The Washington Times on September 3, 2013.