This conservative, gun owning American names the only weapon that tyranny fears.

The question was: "Why do liberals discount protection from government tyranny as a benefit of the Second Amendment?"

In general, Quora often serve as a proof that contrary to popular adage, there is such thing as asking a stupid question. But what we like on Quora the most are the answers to those dumb questions - like the one by Neil Hanson who responded to this: Why do liberals discount protection from government tyranny as a benefit of the Second Amendment? Is he the only one self proclaimed conservative and a gun owner who still can reason? Check yourself.

Oooh. I love this question.

First, I’m more conservative than liberal, but just can’t resist jumping into this one.

I’m a gun owner. I enjoy owning and shooting guns.

Without arguing the goodness or badness of my right to “bear arms,” I want to turn the question around just slightly, and ask: “How does the Second Amendment help protect America against government tyranny?”

Because as a conservative and a gun owner, I’m open to hearing an answer to that one. An answer that holds water.

The government has an arsenal of weapons that is supported by a budget that isn’t matched by the next 10 countries on earth combined. Do you really think that the little pea shooters I have in my gun safe matter a whit to the weapons of that budget? Do you really think the pea shooters of every gun owner in America are even on the radar of potential threats to that arsenal?

Show me how. Please. Because only when that arsenal of the US Government sees me and other gun owners as a threat that they need to be worried about will that Second Amendment be any protection against that same government’s tyranny.

But wait, if that test is too tough, then let’s make it easier.

Let’s assume that it does offer protection, and let’s look at how history has supported that notion. The bar to own a fully automatic weapon is so high that only the wealthy are able to own one. Sawed off shotguns are illegal. So clearly, as soon as a weapon is a danger to the public in general, we are very careful about who can have one. Is that wrong, btw?

The weapons that matter are things like tanks, jets and nuclear weapons. Those are the arms that threaten governments today. I want an F-22 in my backyard. Who knows what laws I’d have to break or negotiate to own one, because I’d never be able to afford to operate one for 10 minutes, let alone own one.

The only folks who could even own such weapons are the ultra wealthy. But they know that their money is far more wisely invested in buying elections and congresspeople. Because those are the people who control the massive arms budget.

The influence of wealth has created a swamp of tyranny in America today. That influence is the biggest threat to our country. So long as those with all the wealth can keep the rest of us all convinced that we have some little scrap of power, they’re able to continue to brew nasty stuff in their swamp.

Magicians everywhere know to keep your focus on the wrong thing, so they can pull off the “magic" where you're not looking. It’s absurd to think that the “arms” that we can afford will protect us from the tyranny of the mightiest military the world has ever known. Get over that fairy tale ASAP. Because over there, where you're not looking, are the greedy swamp rats sucking the last gasping breath from our Democracy.

It’s votes, not guns, that are the only threat to the tyranny of our government. Stop worrying about the government taking away somebody’s guns, and start worrying about the government taking away somebody’s right to vote.

The vote is the only weapon that tyranny fears.

It truly is amusing how utterly incompetent war weapons owners (those that insist that AR-15s are brilliant defensive weapons) are. They clearly have no idea that this isn't the late 1700s, their arsenals are no match for a small local SWAT team, that a National Guard squad could take them out in a heart beat, that not a single militia group in this nation has ever been able to stop the US gov't (Mahleur Bird Sanctuary is the latest example of their incredible incompetence) and that the US's military budget does indeed exceed the next 10 nations' military budgets COMBINED. Gun worshipers are not too bright. Signed, a former US Marine.