They have to suppress the majority, because when they automate all of the jobs and the majority are starving they don't want to pay for UBI.

There is no end game except follow the Constitution. That is the Conservative principle first and foremost. The progressives are the ones pushing the envelop and using the courts to get what wish for which they cannot get from the ballot box.

The Republicans Have been running this Country into the ground!! Capitalism is dead!!Things have a way of turning out for the best for America & her 98% majority all citizens. We are united & will do whatever is necessary to change our destructive course we are on. The people of this country don't care for being backed in a corner and politicians smile at them and telling them just how poor we're going to be into taking away Social Security and isn't that so we won't have nothing and we will be slaves and so on our children and grandchildren all the generations after that. That was the end of his b* for me. That Holocaust or a tax bill that they shoved down our throats. That arrogant GOP. Nothing but criminals who sell themselves to the highest bidders. They think they're going to take away the programs at the citizens pay for try it. It's Ted Cruz and said he does believe the Democrats will crawl on broken glass to get to the polls. I've no doubt in my mind he's right. We must vote. This treasonous conspiracy is huge. It involves quite a few Elites and those are in the White House this is someone a government as we speak. These are not Christians. These Pretenders worship power and money. Now they're going to see what we can do. Y'all need to go to prison. They aren't stealing the American dream from us. We caught it just in time it will take a while to get us on the right track again. No one should get up in somebody's face to be prejudiced. The racism the bigotry discrimination. The list of the wrongs in this Country are long & have been tolerated for centuries. It's time to make this country what she should be. Do not trust politicians they need to be watched all the time. So we don't get in this Jam ever again. The majority of this country's citizens are a paycheck away from devastation that's how far down do Republicans have pulled us into poverty. May all those Greedy Self righteous politicians and their Elite co-conspirators may they all go down in flames. No one is above the law in this country. This is a democracy not a dictatorship Nor are we of a fascist country. Well thats what the Males of White Privilege, & especially the Evangelist sect.
They are evil people who pretend to be Christians!! Their History Here Is Horrible To Say The least. We have some of the most corrupt politicians who belong to that church.Along with some of the wealthiest Familys on this Country, These people have become so complicit that they don't seem to realize that we know what they think they can get away with!! The Crimes these people have planned & committed.
Are nothing of the likes we have every seen before. They aren't UnTouchable because of their names & money. They all need to be made an example of in this country in punished so very hard. In the morning Terry value that they should not own any more should be part of that also. I'm so tired of people and higher CNN with money getting over on the rest of us. Enough