The GOP is destroying social security so stealthily, we're missing it

After a trillion dollar giveaway to corporations in the Trump TaxScam, the GOP is targeting social security as promised.

The GOP hasn’t made it’s plans to go after Social Security secret. In November, Marco Rubio was quite honest about plans to target SS once the massive corporate tax cut was passed. Republicans know Social Security is a popular institution, so the strategy is to increase the red tape to turn public opinion against the program.

The GOP claim that the Social Security contributes to our ballooning deficit, when it’s actually self sufficient. Of every dollar Americans put into our SS savings account, only 7/10 of a penny goes towards administering the program. Despite that stellar ratio, Republicans have been slashing the minuscule operating budget since 2010 when they gained power in Congress.

Republicans want you to think SS is in trouble, but the numbers say otherwise. Social Security has a $2.8 trillion surplus, and ran a surplus of $35.2 billion in 2016 alone. There is no imminent gargantuan Baby Boomer crash coming. There is a minor projected shortfall decades away, which could be easily corrected with fair contributions from the most wealth Americans.

The Republican efforts to throw a wrench into a beloved program are having real effects on the Americans who paid in. The Baby Boomers began to turn 65 in 2011, right after the first round of Republican cuts. Since then, 10,000 boomers retire daily and the backlog for hearings has ballooned to 600 days. 64 district offices and 500 field offices have closed, hours have decreased and this creates long lines and ridiculous hold times for calls. This log jam equals success for the GOP’s goal of bad PR, frustration and misdirected anger towards a beloved benefit.

18,701 people have DIED while waiting to receive the benefits that they paid for. Widows with children, seniors in crisis, disabled workers, all real humans who have paid for these benefits are being put through anguish to collect what belongs to them. Now the GOP wants to cut a half billion more.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

To learn more read, "Republicans Are Killing Social Security One Tiny Service Cut at a Time" written by Nancy J. Altman for Slate on January 22, 2018.

Thank God states are figuring out how to circumvent the electorate so we never let a small number of rubes elect a criminal like trump again with their ignorance.

Defeat Republicans ASAP.

And just how is my piddling little $770 per month hurting the national economy? At least, at my age of 75, it's keeping me off welfare and allowing me to get part-time work to buy food and other necessities to survive. As a widow, I still have to pay property taxes on my house to the school, local township and the county. What is wrong with these fat-cat politicians who can focus only on their own bank accounts and sneer at those less fortunate citizens who pay for THEIR damned salaries?

Federal taxes do NOT fund federal spending. All federal spending is "new money." By cutting budgets they are creating recession by reducing the needed volume of currency issued to make the economy function properly for citizens and businesses alike.

I am confused,maybe someone can help me ok??there are just as many conservatives that work all their lives as there are liberals right??so theses people just like liberals pay into social security...right??so they look forward to retirement right??I mean just like liberals they feel entitled to have a good retirement just like liberals right??so why do conservatives wish to erase social security??I am very confused.