The DOJ just charged a Neo-Nazi with terrorism -- why so quiet, Trump?

Sessions' Department of Justice arrested a white supremacist for terrorism -- so why isn't the WH talking about this?

One might assume the DOJ skipped an opportunity to promote a victory in their ‘War on Terror’ because the suspect doesn’t fit the GOP Narrative of rabid Muslim bashing, nor allow the DOJ to use their favorite terms, “alien, sanctuary city, rule of law.”

The suspect is white and one of Trump’s “very fine people,” from the Charlottesville Rally. The suspect was radicalized online, and had White Supremacist materials and weapons on him when he was tackled by an Amtrak conductor for sabotaging a train. Whether it’s the identity of the suspect or the current configuration of law to blame, law enforcement didn’t take this case as seriously as it would have if the suspect was Muslim.

Remember this?

It took a full day for the investigation to be turned over to the FBI. Even after the suspects radicalization was known and a cousin told the FBI the suspect “wanted to kill black people,” the suspect was released for two weeks. U.S. criminal code lacks a domestic terrorism statute, and federal law enforcement treats domestic terrorism as a second-class threat. In fact the only reason this case received the FBI attention it did is that attacks on trains are explicitly labeled in federal law.

While this ambiguity of law may be a factor, I wonder if it were a Muslim family refusing to cooperate with the FBI, what would the GOP talking points and press push be? The suspect’s parents pretended they didn’t know where their son lived. Turns out they own the property their son inhabited, and eventually led the FBI to their sons cache of illegal automatic weapons and White Supremacist literature in a hidden compartment. The parents still refuse to say whether their son discussed race with them. Where are the Trump Tweets about this terrorist and his family?

Note: I’ve intentionally left out the perpetrators name and the names of the White Supremacist organizations who radicalized him, to deny them the free publicity they crave. In a prison phone call with his Mother the suspect expressed shock at how little coverage he had received. His dutiful mother shushed him and reminded him that calls are recorded.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

To find out more about the charges and arrest, read "Sessions’ DOJ Charged A White Supremacist With Terrorism. They Just Didn’t Tell Anyone" written by Ryan J. Reilly and published by Huffington Post on January 8, 2018.