Thanks, Daddy! Ivanka Trump's clothing line will be exempt from tariffs

Trump made sure to exempt his daughter's super classy stretch denim clothing line from those awful tariffs.

“OMG, DADDY! Make the tax thingie go away.” No worries Ivanka, Daddy Trump made sure to exempt your super classy stretch denim clothing line from his tariffs. Only dirty farming communities and the peasants who labor in manufacturing will suffer. Kay, Princess? Keep making those plastic shoes and skinny jeans with slave labor, tariff-free, of course!

Trump has fired off a trade war with China, imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum to pacify his base in swing states.The Chinese have retaliated by targeting farmers in Trumps solid base, but, they aren’t likely to vote against Trump anyhow. Too much, wait, what are we calling it these days? “Economic anxiety,” or “Christian morality” or cough, fear of brown people, cough.

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Ivanka is working in the White House as a Trump advisor but still collecting money from her tariff exempt businesses. She has ignored ethics standards to divest from her holdings or leave the White House. Remember when a protracted battle for Ivanka’s Chinese trademarks cleared up the day after Ivanka had dinner with the Chinese president? Remember when she used her position to avoid testifying in a trademark lawsuit or commenting on a Trump factory’s labor violations?

How do the Trumps get away with this crud? Well, it’s just a coincidence, silly. See they used an algorithm (that's fancy talk for computer smarts) to figure out which items to impose tariffs on. So don’t you worry. It’s just a major coinkydink that little miss Ivanka is unscathed. Why do crazy liberals keep looking for facts and connections everywhere?

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

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For more read, “Ivanka Trump’s clothing company will be spared from tariffs, thanks to her dad” by Rebekah Entralgo for Think Progress on April 6, 2018.

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All the Chinese made Trump crap they sell on his website I'm sure would also be excluded as well.