Tennessee cops were instructed to protect Nazis, not protesters, at Feb rally

Since Trump considers Nazis “good people,” Tennessee must have figured they weren’t the problem.

The Traditionalist Worker’s Party, a neo-Nazi group, held an event at the University of Tennessee Knoxville back in February, and according to emails obtained by the media collective Unicorn Riot, law enforcement at the event was focused on the counter protesters instead of the actual Nazis.

In fact, Misty Phillips of the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security Intelligence even stated that the “TWP is typically not the issue, but rather opposing groups.” She goes on to praise the Nazi group’s communication skills, “TWP is very good about communicating with the venue in which they plan to attend.” Are they though, Misty? Because according to UTK, the Nazi’s booked their February 17th rally under the name of a local church which doesn’t really sound like good communication, sounds more like deceit.

Having the police force focus on the counter-protestors was encouraging to the neo-nazi group. Their former leader bragged about the group’s support from the cops in a group chat a few days before the scheduled event saying that he had “talked to the cops” and had been reassured the group would be able to “avoid any security issues,” adding “basically I think if the Reds act up, they are gonna get billy clubbed...so, can’t complain.”

Apparently, the Tennessee lawmakers are willing to overlook the TWP’s history of violent behavior, oh and the fact that they advocate for a whites-only nation. Misty and her friends also must not care that the neo-Nazi’s bragged in chat-rooms about Heather Heyer’s death at last year’s Charlottesville rally or stabbed seven people at a Sacramento demonstration in 2016.

The Nazi’s call for a violent ethnic cleansing of our country, but they are seen as “not the issue” by law enforcement in Tennessee and as “good people” by our president. The world literally fought a war against this group, but for some reason, they are given a protected platform in America...

Read more about the email, “New emails show Tennessee law enforcement focused on counter-protesters at a neo-Nazi event” written by Luke Barnes posted by Think Progress on April 30, 2018.