Teacher discharges weapon during gun safety class, 3 teens injured

And on that note, let’s continue the national discussion about arming teachers.

On Tuesday, Dennis Alexander was giving a firearm safety demonstration when his gun accidentally discharged. Alexander is a high school teacher, city councilman, and a reserve police officer. The demonstration was in career pathway class called administration of justice.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the incident, although a student did have to be taken to the hospital due to being struck with debris that fell from the ceiling, the injury was not life-threatening. UPDATE: According to NBC News, 3 teens were hurt, although all injuries were minor.

The school district issued a communication to parents about the incident saying that a teacher “accidentally discharged his firearm during a lesson while it was pointed at the ceiling.” The district is interviewing students about the incident.

Alexander has been put on administrative leave by the school district and by the police department pending an investigation of the incident. The superintendent has stated that Individuals must be authorized to carry a firearm on campus both by district policy and state law. Alexander was not authorized.

Dennis Alexander accidentally discharging a weapon in a gun safety demonstration just further strengthens the case against arming teachers. This incident was rather minor, but it could have had a devastating outcome.

Read more about the mishap: “Seaside teacher, councilman and reserve officer accidentally discharges weapon in gun safety demonstration.“ written by David Schmalz published by Monterey County Weekly posted on March 13, 2018.