Spelling-challenged racists tag trail demanding ‘Hitler Hail’ on ‘Hitler Brigde'

Maybe they're saying they want tiny frozen Adolfs “reigning” from the sky....

A bike trail bridge in a small town in Wisconsin was the scene of some rather unfortunate vandalism, both in sentiment and execution. The Ozaukee County sheriff admits this isn’t the first time the bridge has been vandalized, but this time “it’s awful,” says sheriff Greg Ehers. “Hitler Bridge - I don’t know why anybody would write that.”

Only what the vandals actually wrote was “HITLER BRIGDE.” A message, written in oil or gasoline, that was discovered on June 11th by Steve and Barbara Prust when they rode by the bridge.

“I think it’s disgusting. It’s really disappointing to me,” said Barbara.

However, there was also a second phrase to be found further down the bridge, this one also misspelled, “Hitler Hail.” Unless the vandals were attempting to warn biker’s about a new weather phenomenon...

“People have nothing better to do than express their anger and make it uncomfortable for others? I don’t understand that logic. I never have,” said Steve.

It’s probably safe to assume logic isn’t the vandals' strong suit though.

Read more about the misspelled graffiti, “‘It’s disgusting:’ Messages reading ‘Hitler Bridge’ and ‘Hitler Hail’ found on Grafton bike trail written by Suzanne Spencer posted by Fox 6 Now on June 11, 2018