Sen Warren: Trump's Treasury Dept. is using fake math in TaxScam bill

Senator Elizabeth Warren ripped apart the Treasury Department's analysis, saying figures in GOP plan are “just made up."

In a series of tweets written on Monday, Senator Elizabeth Warren accused the Treasury Department of making up the numbers to fit their claims, when it comes to the GOP tax plan. According to Warren, the figures in the one-page analysis released by the Treasury Department don’t even make sense and claimed that, “instead of using economic models, Treasury officials had “just made up the numbers.”

Warren asserted in one tweet that the analysis is “completely out of line with other projections,” and in fact, the GOP bill’s projection that other “economic policies passed under President Trump would raise enough revenue to cover the tax cuts … directly contradicts several independent analyses,” says The Hill. This includes one from the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) issued on Monday evening.

In yet another tweet, the Democratic senator for Massachusetts wrote:

“To recap: After claiming repeatedly he had projections showing the #GOPTaxScam paid for itself, Mnuchin released a report showing that there were no such projections, and that even his own wildly optimistic made-up projections weren’t enough for the plan to pay for itself.”

“The American people deserve to know how this #GOPTaxScam will impact the economy and how it will affect middle-class families,” Warren continued, “@U STreasury promised an economic analysis – but this isn’t it.”

Warren’s remarks are seconded by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schemer, who has also called the projections, “fake math.” As The Hill reports, according to the JCT, "not only will the bill not pay for itself, it will “cost about $1 trillion over a decade.”

For more on Warren's scathing analysis of the TaxScam bill, read “Warren shreds Treasury analysis of GOP tax plan: They 'made up the numbers’” by Jacqueline Thomsen, published by ‘The Hill’ on December 11, 2017