Sen. demands WH release recording of Trump's African country remarks

Durbin is firmly standing behind his account of the racist remarks uttered by Trump, asks White House to release tapes.

Democratic senator Dick Durbin isn’t backing down regarding his account of the vulgar and racist language Trump used in an oval office meeting last week. The senator, speaking to reporters in his home state, said that he did not record the remarks made in the immigration meeting but called on the White House to release any tapes they may have made, “I want to call on the White House right now, release whatever you have.”

Trump, of course, denies the claims via Twitter saying that he used “tough” language but not vulgarities. He went on to attack Sen Durbin, or Dicky as he called him, saying “Durbin blew DACA and is hurting our military.”

His Tweets further suggested that the White House did not, in fact, record the meetings, “Probably should record future meetings-unfortunately, no trust!”

Two Republican senators, David Perdue (GA) and Tom Cotton (AR), seemed to have a sudden surge in memory on Sunday when they both emphatically denied Trump using the term “shithole” or any other racist language. A change from Friday, when both senators couldn’t recall the exact language used in the meeting.

Lindsey Graham (SC) didn’t hesitate to throw a little shade stating, “My memory hasn’t evolved,” when speaking to a South Carolina Newspaper about whether he had anything more to say about the DACA meeting. Graham was reported as saying Durbin’s account of the meeting was “basically accurate.”

Durbin is holding fast, not deterred by Perdue and Cotton developing new memories of the events two days later. He is standing behind his statements.

Read the senator’s remarks here “Durbin calls on White House to release tapes of Trump's remarks about African countries” written by Michael Collins for USA Today on January 15th, 2018.