See the Contortionist GOP Defend Their Racist Ringmaster!

Watch the Clowns Hilariously Fail to Work the Phones! It’s a CIRCUS OF NEWS!

Hey there, Resisters. Just another quiet, Rockwell-esque weekend, as Americans gathered ’round the dinner table to talk about what a racist piece of trash our President is, unless of course they were cowering in the family fallout shelter.

Let’s round up the madness, shall we?

In a world where the news cycle turns over at lightspeed, it seems significant that we’re still dealing with the fallout of ShitholeGate.

Donnie Dotard seemed stunned at the negative feedback, having initially boasted to all his wealthy pals about how well his casual, reflexive hatred would play with “the base,” who would surely throw parades, and build butter sculptures of him pointing at various countries on a globe, shouting “Shithole!” from little butter speech balloons.

He’s like your jackass uncle who shouts slurs at the waitress and gets you kicked out of the restaurant, only the restaurant is the entire global community. And now the entire African Union demands (and deserves) an apology.

So now we’re at the point where Congressmen are boycotting the State of the Union, because yes, our President, like Richard Spencer or David Duke, is the sort of white supremacist shitpile that decent human beings simply refuse to share a room with.

Shit, you even made Anderson Cooper cry, you cheap, bloated, bigot.

Now, the GOP, having more or less thrown in the towel on the whole “morality” thing, circled the wagons around the Grand Wizard Grifter.

One popular take was that this is just how Real Muricans talk all the time, and that it’s just a handful of coastal elitist cucks who actually believe that crap about being “created equal.”

Folks. Literal Nazis are celebrating these remarks. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I always figured “real” Americans would want to be on the side without the Nazis. And yet here we are, with an endless stream of prominent conservatives, many serving in our government, minimizing, ignoring, excusing, or even supporting the garbage that has the Daily Stormer crowd tap dancing in their jackboots.

Then there those who said the problem wasn’t Drumpf’s racism, but the fact that Dick Durbin violated Bro Code by letting America know about it. Rand Paul even went on the Sunday Shoz to whinge about how “unfair” the whole thing is to Government Cheese Goebbels, how it’s tough to get immigration legislation done with everybody calling the President racist JUST BECAUSE he’s really really really racist.

And despite multiple contradicting eyewitness accounts, Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue went from “Shithole? Gosh, I don’t remember anyone saying shithole!” to “Dick Durbin is a filthy liar and how dare he besmirch the honor of our President, who is pure as a fawn and would surely never say anything so crass!” in twenty-four short hours.

Yeah, it’s really tough to believe…

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