Russian trolls using social media to turn Americans against Mueller

According to experts, Russian interference in the U.S. political debate didn’t end with the 2016 election.

According to former CIA head, Michael Morrell and former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Michael Rogers, Russia did not end its “meddling” in US politics with the 2016 elections. In an op-ed in the Washington Post, the pair claim that Russia continues to use “social media tools” to undermine “faith in Mueller’s investigation into potential collusion between Russia and the successful campaign of Donald Trump.”

Morrell and Rogers wrote:

“There is a perception among the media and the general public that Russia ended its social media operations following last year’s election and that we need worry only about future elections. But that perception is wrong.”

According to research by The Alliance for Securing Democracy, as quoted by Newsweek, “during one week in early December … roughly 20 percent of the activity from accounts tied to Russian intelligence for propaganda was focused on undermining” Mueller’s integrity. Employing similar methods to those used during the elections, Russia has reportedly created social media posts “based on factually inaccurate statements,” also using them to criticize “the plea deal signed by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn” and “Mueller as well.”

Morrell and Rogers contend that Russia has undertaken “a consistent campaign” to “continue to shape U.S. political debate,” but says ‘Newsweek,’ they may not be the only ones. ‘The Washington Post’ reported on Sunday, for instance, that Republicans are also involved in the business of “sowing doubt about the investigation with the public.” Party members will reportedly “release a report showing “corruption” in the FBI and an anti-Trump Bias.” The House Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee are also working on their own “investigations into bias against Trump at the FBI.”

“For now,” however, says Newsweek, “charges of bias by Mueller and his team are coming only from the far right wing, which some believe is a precursor to Trump firing Mueller.”

To find out more about all the ways Russia is attempting to shape the Mueller investigation narrative, read "Russia wants Americans to Doubt Mueller, experts warn," written by Zachary Fryer-Briggs and published by Newsweek on December 26, 2017.