'Russian Elon Musk' was tortured, raped and killed in St. Petersburg prison.

Valery Pshenichny was accused of embezzling millions of rubles meant for the construction of Russian Navy submarines.

Valery Pshenichny, 56, sometimes called the "Russian Elon Musk" was tortured, raped and killed in a St. Petersburg…

Pshenichny’s colleagues called him Russia's Elon Musk, because he developed a unique technology for the construction and repair of submarines. He was accused of embezzling 100 million rubles ($1.6 million) from a 2015 project on the construction of military submarines for the Russian Defense Ministry. However, Pshenichny suspected his business partner, Andrei Petrov, of embezzlement and reported him to law enforcement. Petrov was initially arrested, but was later released, after he agreed to testify against Pshenichny and another associate.