Retaliatory Chinese tariffs likely to economically devastate Trump's base

The heart of Trump-Country will be hit hardest by China’s newly imposed tariffs. #MAGA

China warned of retaliation when Trump dropped the aluminium and steel tariff on them, and retaliate they did. Now, China has placed tariffs on American products entering their country, and guess who will be hit hardest by the inevitable fallout from those tariffs? You guessed it, the heart of Trump Country.

China’s new duties will be applied to a few manufactured products like airplanes and vinyl records, but the bulk of the tariffs will fall on agricultural products including soybeans, corn, cotton, sorghum, wheat, and tobacco. The agricultural areas where the majority of these items are grown voted for Trump in the presidential election in much higher rates than average with the exception of corn growers. For some weird reason, corn growing regions voted more like the national average. Huh.

Although not all of the corn, tobacco, or soybeans farmed in the heartland is sent to China, the trade war will definitely affect those farming Americans much more heavily than those that make their livelihood in a different sector. Once again, Trump has screwed over his base, but as we have all seen in the past, there is little chance it will do anything to dampen their adoration.

Take a look at the maps, China’s retaliatory tariffs will hit Trump country hard” written by Phillip Bump and posted by The Washington Post on April 04, 2018.