Republicans Reek of Their "Culture of Corruption"

New poll shows Americans are getting sick of the Trump administration scandals and the Republican bullshit.

Trump and his scandalous administration may be responsible for a few Republican politicians losing a seat this fall. Trump’s “culture of corruption” is causing voters to lose faith in the GOP.

A new poll shows that more than half of the voters in Republican controlled districts think that Republicans are “more corrupt” than democrat. 1200 voters in 48 states were polled by the Center for American Progress Action Fund in July, and they found that 54% of voters hold that view, and Democrats are loving the news.

“The fact that you have these recurring Cabinet scandals, the fact that it keeps happening over and over again, it registers,” said a spokesman for Fund, Jesse Lee. “People understand it’s been taken to a new level. There’s no check on it anymore. Trump isn’t pushing back on Congress to keep it under control. Congress isn’t pushing back on Trump.”

Democrats are using the resignations of key cabinet members amid scandal and the Republican tax plan that only benefits the wealthy as proof that corruption has become the norm for the other side of the aisle, and voters aren’t happy about Trump’s cabinet members using taxpayer money for their perks or the fact that the average Republican stands to save over $200,000 with the new tax plan loopholes.

Yet, the Republicans are still touting the tax plan as a win for the party, and Pence is busy running around the midwest trying to use it as a selling point for keeping seats red. They are mistakenly thinking the taint of corruption won’t touch them, but according to the polling, Americans don’t like the stench.

Read more, Poll: Corruption message gaining traction against GOP written by Natasha Korecki posted by Politico on July 17, 2018