Republicans love to quote the Bible. Too bad they usually get it totally WRONG.

Even if they get the words right, they get the context and intent totally wrong.

Politicians like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio like to quote the Magic Bible to make themselves appear moral. The problem arises when we look at the context of the phrases they use, we see they are either liars or fake Christians. Either they are purposely twisting the meanings or have no Biblical knowledge to back up their Christian dog-whistling.

Looking at just one example of many from Marco Rubio. Rubio tweets out scripture all the time with vague references to current political news. In the midst of being ragged on by the teenagers who survived the Valentines Day shooting, teens who criticize him for his inaction on gun policy legislation, he tweeted:

“I will place boys as their princes; the fickle will govern them & the people will oppress one another, yes, each one the neighbor. The child will be insolent toward the elder & the base toward the honorable. Isaiah 3:4-5.”

As you can see by the retweets, plenty of uneducated fake Christians saw this as a sweet Bible Burn.

But again, the problem is context. The whole point of that story is that the adults were doing such a bad job leading, that GodLordSkyMan put the kids in charge. So, ummmmmm, good quote, Marco. It’s a pattern that most politicians follow, and is the basis of Evangelicalism. By removing the context of a story, individual Bible verses become a Rorscach test and can be presented to mean whatever you want.

This is how Evangelicalism really works. If they actually read about Jesus, they would all be socialists.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Bad Religion Why do Republican politicians keep getting Scripture wrong?" By DIANNA ANDERSON for Slate on APRIL 6, 2018.