Republican resigns: I can no longer 'bite my tongue' on Trump's racism

The VA Republican also said, “I can no longer stomach those who support nativism, or their apologists and enablers."

Kyle McDaniel, a Republican committee member from VA, recently resigned from his position on the State Central Committee after finding his long lost decency. He felt he owed it to his supporters to give his exact reasons for resigning, and released the full text of his resignation letter to the public stating, “the time has come for me to move on.”

The letter, addressed to the Chairman Whitbeck and Chairman Prados, does not shy away from calling out some of the uglier sentiments of the Republican majority, and McDaniel makes it clear that those beliefs are the exact reason for his step-down, “I can no longer tacitly endorse or defend the prevailing views held by a majority of members of the Republican Party.”

He specifically points to events that have taken place over the last year, accusing party members of having religious prejudice and supporting nativism and/or racism. McDaniel’s is no longer willing to “bite my tongue,” something he found he was doing often when in conversation with his Republican peers and colleagues.

His letter called out Freddy Burgos for his various vile remarks including calling Muslims “Savages,’ blaming interracial marriage for ruining western culture, and stating that refugees were barely human. McDaniel’s is disgusted by the failure of Republicans to condemn the “neo-nazis” and the “white nationalists” because it may “cost votes.”

Hoping things would improve, Kyle McDaniel held his tongue as he watched his party move farther and farther away from the ideals that had prompted him to become a committee member in the first place, but it was the remarks made by Trump in regard to Haitians that became the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“To keep holding my position would be a betrayal of my morals and values, and I cannot do that.”

Perhaps McDaniel’s letter will be a beacon for other Republicans that are unable to recognize their current party and will shine the way for them to regain their own morality or even just some basic human decency.

Read McDaniel’s entire resignation letter in this article: “VA Republican Resigns: “I can no longer stomach those who support nativism, or their apologists and enablers” written by Iowkell and published at Blue Virginia on January 17, 2018.