Republican Rep used fake news story to justify her anti-medical marijuana stance

The obviously fake news article claimed 37 people died the first day that cannabis was legalized in Colorado.

Louisiana lawmaker Dodie Horton used a satirical news article to argue in session against a bill seeking to legalize the Devil’s Lettuce or what she refers to unironically as “The Marijuana.” The obviously fake news article (which has since mostly been removed it seems) from The Daily Currant claimed 37 people died the first day that cannabis was legalized in Colorado. When confronted with her mistake, Horton refused to correct the record, doubled down and then blocked a reporter on social media.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all fallen for fake news, posted it or shared it, and been schooled by our friends. That’s because our friends read, and click past the headlines, and call us to account when we share fake news. We have standards. So what happens when you find yourself in a Red Bubble and your friends all believe in a talking sky man, and that Obama is a secret Muslim? You find yourself like Representative Horton, having people feed you fake news, and having no ability to process your mistakes when called on your shit.

In session, Rep Horton was told by her colleague that she had cited a satire article, but she wouldn’t correct the public record. When reporter Elizabeth Crisp Tweeted to Horton about the fake source, Horton said she had trusted the person who gave her the article, now knows that it is fake, before doubling down on her anti dope stance. Then, in order to make sure that she is never made aware of pesky facts ever again, Horton promptly blocked the offending reporter and her devilish insistence on real data. When people started to hear this story Horton apologized, backpedaled, turned sideways and then somehow thanked the reporter for fact checking her. I guess Horton forgot when her colleague fact checked her in real time.

In her congressional testimony Horton said that despite the testimony and the data presented to her proving that no one has ever overdosed from cannabis “I do know, I do know people have died from it.” There you have it. She KNOWS. She just KNOWS.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca