Republican 'jokes' about shooting Democrat over NRA and gun law stance

Republican Carl Nett thought he was oh-so clever when he tweeted about using a fellow lawmaker for target practice.

Carl Nett, a Republican candidate for Kentucky secretary of state and a former Secret Service Agent, thought he was cute when he tweeted a threat to shoot Congressman John Yarmuth. Twitter users did not find the joke even the least bit funny.

Yarmuth was tweeting about his “F” rating from the NRA, sporting a pin with a large “F” printed on it. He asked his fellow lawmakers to join him in the fight to pass gun safety legislation, telling them to “find me to get a pin."

Nett responded with the less than hilarious comment, “Move it over just a bit. I was trained center mass.” He eventually deleted the tweet after facing backlash from leaders, including many Republicans, and issued an apology for his “attempt to be clever.” To further defend himself, Nett tweeted about all the times he had protected Democrats including President Obama, John Kerry, VP Biden, and the Clintons. He claimed he would have died for any of them.

Yet, another Twitter user was quick to point out that in 2016, Nett tweeted about bailing on protecting Obama because he’s “not a bullet sponge for just anybody.” Kinda makes his whole heroic claim of dying for Democrats lose a little luster, doesn’t it?

In a refreshing change of pace, the GOP actually slammed Nett for his tweet. A spokesman, Tres Watson has this to say: “We believe the tweet was inappropriate. We condemn any suggestion of violence against public servants, even if in jest.” Now if they would only do something about their boy, Trump’s twitter rants.

Read more, “Kentucky Republican candidate suggests shooting Congressman John Yarmuth over NRA stance” written by Phillip M. Bailey and Thomas Novelly published by Courier Journal and posted on March 20, 2018.