Redneck Revolt: the Left's answer to bigoted Trump-supporting bullies

A liberal group of pro-gun enthusiasts called Redneck Revolt has expanded to 45 branches in 30 states, just since 2016.

You’ll find members armed and at rallies, but unlike the militias defending literal Nazis right to "speak," Redneck Revolt is defending groups like BLM and their right to simply "not die."

Redneck Revolts’ press release, reported on by Newsweek, outlines a mission to oppose White Supremacy. They cite the reality that threats of violence to minority communities has prompted their reaction to “organize in community defense as both an obligation and a commitment to defend each other.”

They aren’t strictly advocating for an American gun culture either. (cough, NRA, cough.) They are pro workers rights, and seek to unite racial divides in the working class. They seek out recruits at NASCAR races, fairs and gun shows. It’s counter recruiting where “working class folks” are already being targeted and radicalized by White Supremacists and racist 2A militias.

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I’m a bit of a hypocrite as I’ve been advocating for liberals to get guns for years, but I don’t personally have one. Redneck Revolt is certainly inspiring me to follow through.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

To find out more about these brave "snowflakes," read "What Is Redneck Revolt? These Left-wing Activists Protect Minorities With Guns," written by Cristina Maza and published by Newsweek on December 27, 2018.

The move has already been made.
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<blockquote>written by Cristina Maza and published by Newsweek on December 27, 2018.</blockquote>

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